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Carlisle East Fire Station

Carlisle East Community Fire Station
Eastern Way
United Kingdom

0300 303 8623
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Carlisle East Fire Station is crewed by wholetime firefighters, Carlisle East houses one fire engine and one Aerial Ladder Platform (ALP), there are two of these in the county, the other is stationed at Barrow. 

The crews based at Carlisle East are actively involved in a range of community safety activities including school visits, home safety visits, call push rescue and road awareness training.


About Carlisle East

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Local stations

  • Carlisle West - 4 miles   
  • Brampton - 9 miles
  • Longtown - 11 miles

Station area

37,300 population

Crewing type



  • 1 fire engine
  • 1 Aerial Ladder Platform
  • 1 boat


The city of Carlisle is situated in the north of the county near to the Scottish border, it has a  population of around 102,000. Carlisle is steeped in history and has many historical monuments including Carlisle Castle, the Cathedral and the Citadel which was built by Henry VIII.

Although Carlisle dates back 2,000 years, it is a modern, thriving city offering shopping, entertainment, sports and sightseeing. It is the home of Carlisle United Football Club, an award winning museum and art gallery and the World Heritage site of Hadrian's Wall.

It is an important junction point for some of the counties main transport routes such as the West Coast Rail Line, the M6 Motorway, the A69 and the A695 which join together the North East of England and West Cumbria with Scotland and the North West of England. There is an Airport to the east of the city. The rivers Eden, Caldew and Petteril also converge in Carlisle before entering the Solway.

Demographic and social profile of station area

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Risk information

The area contains:

  • Four heritage sites; Carlisle Castle, Wetheral Priory, Carlisle Cathedral and Dalston Road Cemetery

  • The site contains 43 Grade I listed buildings and over 50 Grade II listed buildings

  • Rockcliffe Marsh is a Special Protected Area and there are 9 Sites of Specific Scientific Interest

  • There are 19 Site Specific Risks:  Stead Mcalpine, Cumberland Infirmary, Atlas Works, Carnaud Metalbox, Bevcan, Pirelli Ltd, Carlisle United AFC, BSW Timber, BP Dalston, Nestles. AW Jenkinson Wodwaste, calor gas, Carlisle Airport, Carlisle Cathedral, Cumbria Waste Management Hespin Wood, FloGas UK, Ineos Dalston, Shanks Waste Management Hespin Wood

  • There are several Flood Warning Areas within Carlisle Station's catchment area. Warwick Bridge Flood risk area covers approximately 0.56 Km2 and consists of properties, roads and high quality agricultural land. There are in the region of 125 properties at risk of flooding. Low Crosby Flood risk area extends to approximately 4.309 Km2 and consists of approximately 130 properties. Significant parts of the City of Carlisle that lie within the flood plains of the Rivers Eden and Petteril are vulnerable to flooding. The Flood Warning area covers approximately 9.40 Km2 and vulnerable areas of the city consist of domestic, commercial and industrial properties. The majority of properties at risk are residential adjacent to the Warwick Road area but also include commercial and industrial properties in Willowholme, Caldewgate and Rickergate areas. In total there are over 2000 properties within the risk area and in January 2005 the City was subject to unprecedented flooding. The Harraby Green flood risk area covers 0.064 Km2 adjacent to the River Petteril and includes almost 50 commercial and residential properties. The natural floodplain of the River Caldew virtually disappears on entering the City of Carlisle and flows through the suburbs of Denton Hollme, Caldewgate and Willowholme joining the River Eden to the northwest of the city at the Sauceries. The Flood Warning Area covers less that a square kilometre but it is an intensively developed urban area comprising of mainly terraced residential housing, commercial and industrial properties, with almost 3000 properties at risk, including key vulnerable infrastructure such as an Electrical Sub Station, Waste Water Pumping Station, Transco and British Gas sites.