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What is the Disclosure Log?

As part of the Council's commitment to being open and transparent, we publish our responses to Freedom of Information requests online, this is also known as a Disclosure Log.  The council's Disclosure Log is published in MSExcel and contains the following information:  

  • Month
  • request reference
  • information type
  • information sub-type
  • information requested 
  • a link to the council's response.

Using the Disclosure Log

If you are thinking of submitting a request it would be worthwhile checking if the Council has already answered it.  Data on requests published by the Council is easily searchable.   There are two ways of navigating the data:

  • General Search - to find out requests received by subject the Information Type and Information Sub-Type column filters can be used.  This allows you as a user to find out about requests received by the council in relation to a general issue
  • Word Specific - when a request has been received on a specific subject and general searching is not appropriate the wording of requests can be searched using the 'Find and Select' feature.

Disclosure Log

Before you submit a request look at requests already answered by Cumbria County Council

Disclosure Log