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Safety at home

Most fires in the home start accidentally and the effects of these can be devastating. It's important you know how to reduce the chances of a fire starting in your home to help keep yourself, your family and your property safe from fire.

Online home safety visit

To carry out a fire risk assessment on your home, or someone who you think might be at risk, please complete our online home fire safety check. If it's needed, we will contact you to arrange your free home visit. 

To complete a online home safety check, click here.

If you are from an agency and you are referring an individual to us, please complete our online home fire safety check and specify which agency you are from.


Home safety visits

Home safety visits are available to help people live independently and deal with any potential fire hazards in their homes.

During the visit, we will carry out a home fire safety assessment, where we can help you design a fire escape plan so that you and your family will know how to react and escape if you have a fire.

We may also fit a 10-year powered sealed cell smoke detector free of charge after we have given you the fire safety information.

Please be aware that our phone call will show as a withheld number. If you are unsure about the legitimacy of the call, please hang up and contact us on:

0800 358 4777

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service will never ask you for bank details. Our personnel all carry ID and we will never ask you for a fee for our services.

Provide feedback from your home safety visit

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Contact us

If you have any further safety queries and you are not able to access the online tool please contact us by:

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