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Our fleet and equipment

We maintain a varied fleet, delivering an operational response to a wide range of incidents while meeting the challenges of Cumbria’s road network.

Here are some examples of some of our response fleet:

Fleet & Equipment
Pump Ladder ‘Type B’ with CAFS

Pump Ladder ‘Type B’ with CAFS

Based on a Volvo FL chassis and manufactured by Emergency One (UK) Ltd and Angloco Ltd.

There are currently 13 Type B with CAFS appliances within CFRS.  Godiva 2010 pump with 4 deliveries, eDraulic Rescue Kit and 360-degree cameras.


Rapid Response Vehicle 4X4 (RRV)

Rapid Response Vehicle 4X4 (RRV)

The vehicle is based on an ISUZU chassis and manufactured by Pick Up Systems Ltd. Cumbria Fire and Rescue Services Rapid Response Vehicles (RRVs) are located in areas of the county where sufficient local support and additional weight of attack is available from other appliances and crews as reflected in CFRS Risk Based Evidence Profile (RBEP).  The RRV has an appliance inventory that reflects the requirements of a rapid response at an incident and to make the scene safe until additional resources are in attendance.

Water Bowser / Driver Training Vehicle

Water Bowser

Based on a Volvo FL chassis and manufactured by Emergency One (UK) Ltd. Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service has two Water Bowers based at Penrith and Grange Fire Stations to provide a bulk water carrying facility, and also a state-of-the-art Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) for Driver Training. Grange's Water Bowser has the added facility of carrying additional Wildfire equipment similar to that carried on a standard Wildfire Land Rover.

Wildfire Unimog

Wildfire Unimog 4X4

The Wildfire Pods were manufactured by Angloco (UK) Ltd, and mounted on a Unimog U500 Chassis. The cab has seating for 2 crew members.  Wildfire Unimogs are located at Whitehaven & Appleby Fire Stations, with the off road capability to reach otherwise inaccessible areas, these vehicles bring an added dimension to the fleet when tackling wildfires in and out of the county.