CFRS0132 - Supervisory Manager Promotion Board


We are pleased to share that we are holding an internal only Supervisory Manager Promotion Board for 2024.

We are looking for staff who embody our code of ethics, who are passionate about truly making a difference in Cumbria, and who are ready to begin their career progression with the Service. 

We are recruiting motivated, professional, and compassionate people to the roles of Crew Manager and Watch Manager, for both our On-Call and Wholetime stations.

This opportunity is open for candidates that hold at least the post of competent Firefighter. Due to high levels of interest in these opportunities, we are unable to accept applications from candidates who are not yet competent. 

Virtual Engagement Sessions

As part of this Promotion Board, we are holding two virtual engagement sessions and we encourage all to attend. These sessions will confirm the promotion board stages, what CFRS are looking for in our Supervisory Managers, and there will also be an informal Q&A where you can confidentially ask any queries regarding the roles, the process etc.

Session 1

Tuesday 5th March 2024 – 18:00 to 19:00

Link to join the session: join the session

Meeting ID: 310 595 724 842

Passcode: qoEWBh

Session 2

Wednesday 13th March - 19:00 to 20:00

Link to join the session: join the session

Meeting ID: 337 884 902 600

Passcode: jyABRE


We have a CFRS Recruitment Pack, attached below, and we ask that applicants read all the information included. 

If you have any queries or accessibility requirements, please contact Orlanda Wright, our Resourcing, Talent, and Wellbeing Lead, via email:

Link: Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service Recruitment Pack (PDF)



Reference: CFRS0132

Basic Annual Development Salary: £38,501

Basic Annual Competent Salary: £40,161

Person Specification: Crew Manager (WORD) 


Reference: CFRS0132

Basic Annual Development Salary: £41,031

Basic Annual Competent Salary A: £42,170

Basic Annual Competent Salary B: £44,911

Person Specification: Watch Manager (WORD)


For this process we have introduced an updated online application form, which has two parts. 

To apply for this process candidates must complete both parts of the application form fully.

  • Part 1 of the application form requires candidates to demonstrate how they meet the four quadrants of the NFCC Leadership Framework: Personal Impact, Outstanding Leadership, Organisational Effectiveness, and Service Delivery. 
  • Part 2 of the application form is the standard CFRS Application Form.


We have received a number of queries regarding how the Shortlisting Panel will score the 4 questions on the application form. Please see the below matrix that will be used for scoring. 

Candidates are not expected to hit every single bullet point in each quadrant of the NFCC Framework, but if you have already submitted your application using this, please do not worry, as they are still helpful guidelines. If you are concerned at all, please get in touch with Ollie Wright directly to discuss: 

  1. SCORE 1 - POOR ANSWER - Answer was not relevant to the question, inadequate, and lacks any content

  2. SCORE 2 - INSUFFICIENT ANSWER - Answer had some relevance but lacked depth and understanding

  3. SCORE 3 - ADEQUATE ANSWER - Answer was relevant to the question and demonstrated some understanding. Did not refer to their individual role/actions. 

  4. SCORE 4 - GOOD ANSWER - Answer demonstrated good understanding and knowledge, and was relevant. Detailed some of their individual role/actions, but required more depth. 

  5. SCORE 5 - EXCELLENT ANSWER - A detailed answer that demonstrates full understanding of the question, shows knowledge of the quadrants, and details individual role/actions. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our recruitment team via email,   

Advert open - Friday 23rd February 2024

Virtual Engagement Session 1 - Tuesday 5th March 2024

Virtual Engagement Session 2 - Wednesday 13th March 2024

Closing Date - 09:00am on Friday 5th April 2024

Shortlisting - Week commencing 8th April 2024

Assessments Week 1 - week commencing Monday 22nd April 2024

Assessments Week 2 - week commencing Monday 29th April 2024

Promotion Board Outcome Session - Friday 3rd May 2024